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Benefits of a home safe

Are you thinking of adding a home safe to your residential furnishings? While the thought might seem a bit preposterous at first, it really isn’t! If you see home safes on television or in the movies, they seem to be properties of the rich and well connected. Not anymore! In today’s world, having a safe at your home can make very good sense. Here at Newnan Pro Locksmith we install home safes in local communities all over town. You don’t have to live here in Newnan, GA to benefit from having one of these safes though; middle class folks are adding them on at an increasing rate to better secure their valuables and now, you can too, in your own neighborhood.

Common objections and worries

Customers sometimes worry if purchasing a new home safe is right for them or not. Can the price justify the value? Where in the house will they put it? Does having a home safe make them a target for burglary, kidnapping or worse? Will adding a home safe make their insurance premium skyrocket? Should they keep quiet about their new home safe or is it okay to tell others about it? What if they need to access the contents of the safe but can’t remember the combination or key code? Who takes care of service and maintenance when needed? Does adding a home safe increase the home’s property value? These are all valid and common questions that are asked by those considering adding a home safe to their residence. How do you get answers to these and other questions? Talk to the experts. In the case of home safes, the experts aren’t who you think they are!

Your local safe store

Every mid-sized community or larger has one of more safe stores. At first glance, you might think that this is your best source for safe purchases, installation and service. Wrong. Safe stores are most always middle men that outsource much of their services to local locksmiths. Many times the person behind the counter is not a safe expert at all but a part time worker that knows little or nothing about the different safes in the store. The purpose of the safe store is to sell safes, nothing more. Why pay all this extra money for that?

Call a locksmith

Your local full service residential or commercial locksmith will be a much better choice for safe purchases, ongoing maintenance, installation and service. They can also answer any and all of your questions as they order, install and repair safes for a living. Bypass the middle man and all associated costs involved by working with our locksmith shop or one in your locale that works with home safes on a regular basis. You’ll enjoy one-stop professional assistance for questions, sales, installation, upgrades, new combinations, repairs and lots more.

What about online safe sales and retail?

Online is good for one thing; research! You can visit forums and sales pages and scrutinize them for product information, warranties, general pricing, complaints, manufacturer’s information, shipping, and more. When it comes to purchase though, be careful as you will still have installation, set up and maintenance to deal with in the future. It helps to be able to just grab your phone and speak to a local locksmith that handles all things connected to your home safe.

Retail clerks are much like safe store clerks; part time, little product knowledge, and even smaller desire to actually help you make a good buying decision. If you shop around, you can find and work with a locksmith shop in your city that is both affordable and knowledgeable about home safes, their uses and benefits and also any potential drawbacks to consider.

What can I put in my safe?

We get asked this question a lot and we always give the same answer; whatever you want! Forget about the movies and television shows for this; home safes are not just for captains of industry, government spies or world class athletes; you can have a safe, too. You can add whatever is valuable to you to your safe and keep those items secure from perils from inside and outside your home. Stashing cash in your safe is always a good idea. Who doesn’t need cash at one time or another? You don’t need stacks of 100 dollar bills either! Just pretend that your home safe is your very own ATM machine that you never pay a user fee for! Add cash in amounts that you feel comfortable with and use that money for fast food deliveries, cash tips, charity donations, vet bills, taxi drivers, medical emergencies, hotel attendants, valet parking, children’s allowances, dog grooming, birthday money, last minute business deals, ice cream trucks and lots more! Having a fast and ready source of cash on hand at all times gives you enhanced peace of mind so whether you add a little cash, or a lot, just do it.

Other items for your home safe

Money comes in many forms and cash is just one of them. You can also add gift cards, IOUs, gold bars, silver coins, stamp collections, foreign money, gift certificates, award letters and other items of monetary value inside your home safe. Follow these up with documents that are not money, but still worth something. These can include credit reports, real estate titles, birth and death certificates, background checks, tax records, insurance policies, credit reports, loan documents, ancestry records, award letters and more. You can even secure your gun(s) in a home safe. Depending on size and placement of your new home safe, weapons can be fitted inside, including ammunition!

Lots of choices!

Another great reason to work with a locksmith concerning your home safe is that you have more choices. These choices include safe dimensions, materials, placement inside the home, locking mechanisms and more. Your choice of lock includes keys, combination dials, keypads and even biometrics (fingerprint locks and retina scanners). The thing to remember is that having a safe can be right for you and your particular needs, so consider it!